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Friday, August 17, 2007

The Stupid Poets Society

As it turns out..I was the stupid one in the group...shocking, huh?? I was the one who was an hour late. I blame this, however on mapquest. Never mind I have lived in the "Denver" vicinity for over 9 years now and do not know the CITY of DENVER at all. (PS...some really cool parts..who knew??)

The writers workshop is in an old Victorian house with a creaky front door..and equally creaky stairs. So, I disturbed not only my group..(upstairs)..but the downstairs dining room group as well...probably advanced novel revision. They all looked pretty serious when I feebly asked "Poetry??"..."Upstairs." was all I got. WAY to make an entrance!!

The room upstairs held only women..prompt women, adult poet type women, sitting in a circle. If this had been a play, I believe my character would have been written in as comic diversion. I stumbled in, found a seat closest to the door and crossed my legs at the ankles.

I could share all the gory details but I'll spare you. I'll end as it really ended. The leader handed me a packet of papers stapled at the corner. We were to read the first poem for next week. There was no title...and a hand written name on the bottom.

"Oh, a local poet??" I asked. "Ancient Greek." she answered. Great. WAY. TO. SCORE. POINTS.

On the way home, I cried....I told you I would. I considered writing a post today titled F@CK..F@CK..F@CK... but decided that was not very literary.

The only chirpy thing to say..cause I am often a chirpy cheerleader for myself...is that I went. I wanted so badly to turn around and go home. I was lost. I had had the day I had...(see,wicked language skills huh?)BUT.. I made myself find the damn place and go.

That's all I got. That's all there is.
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Ancient Greeks never really did it for me, either.

8/17/07, 10:21 AM  

You are in a whole other class, you know? I think I know them. I know what they write, and you aren't missing anything. (Although I have nothing against ancient Greeks).

8/17/07, 10:24 AM  

OK, listen. Workshops can suck and poets can, too. Poets are sometimes weird and snooty and all that. You rock. You went and, as Joyce says, that is what matters. If I had been there, you would have brightened my day.

8/17/07, 10:29 AM  

Oh, ouch. Mapquest has gotten me so terribly lost too. In San Francisco. In the Mission. Lost. Bad.

I hope you'll give yourself credit for going, for being there, because you are a poet. Don't let the snobs intimidate you. You're better than that.

(BTW, sometimes a swear word is the right choice. And that's a good one.)

8/17/07, 10:31 AM  

You could have entitled the post "Meet the F@ckers" I would have loved that.

It takes such courage to participate in a writer's group. I avoid them myself, and I don't consider myself a sissy.

I'd be honored to be in a group with you--soulful not snooty, at home in her own beautiful skin.

8/17/07, 11:17 AM  


Funny, that is the title of the post I almost wrote. I swear that there is something in the air.

8/17/07, 1:58 PM  

Aaaaw, sorry you had such an awkward time, Wendy; despite our best intentions at times, you get days like that, don't ya?

I agree with v-grrl though - I would have near peed my pants to see a post titled that way.

8/17/07, 4:39 PM  

You're lovely. I can SO identify. That is me there doing just what you did - including getting lost and arriving late and mistaking a Greek poet for a local.
This all means that you are on the brink of something great - I can feel it in my bones. The trial by fire - can only mean you'll come out as diamond. You wait. It's going to happen - you'll blow them away. They won't know what's hit their perfect, little china-brittle world.

8/19/07, 2:29 AM  

I'd be sitting next to you, with a spill on the front of my light blue, wrumpled t-shirt. Toilet paper stuck to my shoe. And holding the packet upside down.

It's not that I'm happy you had those awful feelings, but I'm quite glad you shared the experience.

8/19/07, 11:53 AM  

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