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Thursday, August 09, 2007

No words for Poetry Thursday

Just got back from the pacific northwest. No words..just some pics of the poetry that spills, with no effort whatsoever.

I have more....but I'm going over to Poetry Thursday..Fill ya in later.
posted by wendy at 1:06 PM


Beautiful photos - I'm in the PNW.

8/9/07, 2:38 PM  

Pictures like that are their own form of poetry!

8/9/07, 4:44 PM  

Absolutely gorgeous poetic pictures, Wendy!

8/9/07, 4:45 PM  

Oh, wow! What fantastic pictures, really! I wondered where you were....

8/9/07, 6:04 PM  

You were in my neck of the woods....love the hydrangeas especially.

8/9/07, 10:30 PM  

Charming photos - You have the eye - 'nay doot aboot it lassie'. Looking forward to that poetry!

8/10/07, 5:25 AM  

Picture perfect...

8/10/07, 7:11 AM  

Oh my goodness! What gorgeous, poetic pictures!

8/12/07, 12:04 PM  

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