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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Untied...for Poetry Thursday

I'm feeling especially free this fine morning!! I'd give each and every one of you a big kiss.


Did you learn to tie
bows with bunny ears?

small fingers
crude loops
turned just so
tugged just right

magic knots
freeing you from
big hands taking
control of your feet
being told
to hold still.

I have remained
that stubborn child
with knot
upon knot
wanting not
knowing not

I have knelt
holding myself still
for years
in contorted
crouches of effort.

To tie and undo
what I have tried
so hard to secure.
I have laced it,
closed it so tight
safely binding it
for fear
of tripping.
or falling.
or feeling
unsteady on

But now I want to move.
Now I want to kick
off my shoes and
never ever
stoop again.

If I fall,
I fall.
I will tumble
loose and alive.
Just let me go down
and untied.

wlf 10:44am

It's poetry thursday.. Come on people...Move it...I HAVE NOT GOT ALL DAY!!


posted by wendy at 10:26 AM


A wonderful heartfelt poem! I miss tying up my shoes- I seem to have shoes that you just slide your feet into... :)

7/26/07, 11:45 AM  

I love the spiritedness of this poem - lighthearted and open to possibilities!

7/26/07, 11:52 AM  

"Today I watched as Christopher learned to tie his shoes-- the frustration and anger, the tears, the knots-- and the ultimate satisfaction with the perfect bows at his feet. I would not have tied them for him and spoiled his triumph by protecting him from the tears for anything in the world."

Nice take on a more or less universal situation!

7/26/07, 5:20 PM  

I like how you took a universal action and heritage, and untangling it into something new (unfettered?) Well done, and fun to boot. (Couldn't resist the pun, sorry.)

7/26/07, 9:03 PM  

I got to the end of your poem and said, "Yes!" I love where you took us.

7/26/07, 11:02 PM  

i remember it just as you say,, bunny ears... loop here and there,,, and then they had the audacity to come out with velcro shoes!!!!! i thank god that never really caught on....

7/27/07, 7:13 AM  

Such a delightful read!

7/27/07, 10:10 AM  

Wendy, you are such a light of hope. This was a creative delight and it made me happy. :)

7/27/07, 10:38 AM  

I love the freedom in this poem, all about being tied up and then untied.

7/28/07, 6:41 PM  

oh, my! i may be the only one who found it to be profound, but i did. of course, i also found it spirited, lighthearted and open just like everyone else. delightful.

7/30/07, 5:34 PM  

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