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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Phenom....for Sunday Scribblings

Before I address the topic....I'd like to introduce you to my date to yesterday's wedding....Sad thing, at the end of the evening..we both agreed, this had been one of the more enjoyable dates of our lives...bad dates..shudder!!! But I don't have to deal with it anymore THANK THE LORD GOD ON HIGH!!!..But alas, not so for the other party...I wish her godspeed through the hell trap called single life....

Boy, was I all over her like a cheap suit or what??? I plied her with alcohol all night too!! That's what happens when Michael leaves me to my own devices..and goes on a business trip to Hawaii...instead of being my date!!Forgive me glowing so much..I danced my little tootsies off. Weddings, after all, are for celebrating..N'est-ce pas??

Now to the prompt for this week Phenomena..

A Cautionary Tale

If not for email and cell phones, I may never actually speak to my husband. We live in the modern world of airplanes, tight schedules, and hands off communication. I remember a day when "Face Time" was not yet a phrase coined in our conscious vocabulary. But now face time is a valued commodity. My husband and I had exactly 11 hours of face time together between Friday night and his early 6am departure Saturday morning.

Or at least that is what he thought. He arrived, quickly taught my daughter Rach to parallel park, for her driving test, got some dinner, got reacquainted with his wife..and gave the dogs some love. Unpacked from Winnipeg..repacked for Honolulu..and called it a night.

At 2:30am the phone rang. We have no phone in our bedroom...but, being the ever light insomniac sleeper I am....I heard it on the first ring. Dashing down the stairs..groggy and dreadful...a chirpy voice told me that Michael first connection..Denver to San Fransisco, had been cancelled. He had been re booked from a 6AM to a 11:48 departure...still getting him into Honolulu on Saturday...so he could do his team "pep assembly" meeting, before the real meeting with the VIPS on Monday. I take all this down in some sort of scrawl, and head upstairs to wake Michael. Not an easy task.

Flash forward 30 minutes..he finally gets what I am trying to tell him..resets the alarm...and as we drift back to sleep... he sits bolt upright in bed and shouts "I have to call the driver." OK...sleep is now far,far away. uggh.

Flash forward 4 hours... He rouses me out of bed to be "the driver". I am slow and try very hard not to snarl. He tells me he can't check in on line..because of the cancellation. We have to leave earlier than usual. He's in a bit of a rush.. but he might have 5 or 10 extra minutes to spend some quality,"not asleep" in the bedroom. I try not to roar..with laughter...

Flash forward, to the drive to the airport. We are holding hands, chatting for just a bit, when I notice all the color has drained from his face. I immediately know what is wrong as his hand dropped mine and goes for his waist.

HE HAS FORGOTTEN HIS BLACKBERRY devil's spawn instrument. Panic is full on him. Withdrawal is just a few seconds behind. He is todays modern captain of industry. Always balls up in the air, juggling. But now I fear, he feels he's been kicked in a different set of ..balls.

I thought he was going to cry. Honest. He was so tired from travel...going back to travel some more. And now, he had forgotten his life line. My husband does not swear often, but when he does, I know he is about to lose it.

I talked as fast as I could, in that come down off the ledge tone, I've mastered over the years. I reminded him that tomorrow was only Sunday...and that I would Fed Ex him the phone. It would get there on Monday..and Hawaii is way behind the rest of the country in time zones...so he would be OK..Everything would be OK. As we pulled up to the drop off zone at DIA...his eyes had cleared, and his breath was not as shallow as it had been. I pulled his brief case out of the trunk, and said "See, you still have you lap top Honey!!" He laughed, finally, kissed me goodbye..and as he left I shouted to him...

"You'll be going into rehab, when you get home. I'll speak to you boss about a leave of absence."

He did not dare turn around as he waved me off...but I know..HE KNOWS.. I am so right.

Let's see what others think is the latest rage..over at Sunday Scribblings
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That is quite funny. A great take on "phenomenon." I loved when you called his Blackberry "devil's spawn instrument." Sometimes our lives are easier with the technology, and sometimes not. You're so right about face time.

7/29/07, 5:11 PM  

OMG you had me roaring over this post girl! You were glowing in beautiful intoxication in that shot. lol I don't even think I've ever seen a blackberry. ;)

7/29/07, 5:52 PM  

This was a hilarious (sometimes not so hilarious) description of our modern day world...I, too, loved that a Blackberry is a "devil's spawned instrument." My husband's work calls it "Crackberry" because you get hooked on it like crack...What a good, caring wife you are...your husband is lucky he has someone like you to get him off the ledge.

7/30/07, 8:09 AM  

How we panic when we forget to carry our cell phone!

7/30/07, 8:54 AM  

HHAHA This one is hilarious and a bit painful as, I have an addiction to my blackberry too. SIgh. They're just so useful!

7/30/07, 10:33 AM  

oh, my God! This is hilarious in a slightly sick sort of way. i laughed all the way through. once i spilled coffee on my husbands laptop. it was horrible. when he found out it was dead he paced the floor for an hour and i, coward that i am, retired to a safe distance. you captured our lives perfectly. loved it.

7/30/07, 5:08 PM  


7/31/07, 9:32 AM  

Hilarious, and yet...

I wish you and all like you some more real time with each other.

8/1/07, 1:53 AM  

Luckily ABM and I live blackberry-free lives - so far. The only blackberry is growing wild in our untamed, scruffy garden.
Great post - you and your friend look so happy. Hanging on for dear life! Or is that life hanging on for dear ? ... Sorry. Just ignore me! ;)

8/6/07, 3:36 AM  

Wonderful date for the wedding - you both look GREAT!!! The story of hubby's blackberry is too funny. Goodness, we live in a frantic technological world.
Much peace & love, JP

8/7/07, 1:21 AM  

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