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Friday, August 10, 2007

Living Vicariously

Next to being the mother of the bride, I guess accompanying your daughter on college campus tours, is one of those"life" things that makes you sit right down on your ass, and take stock.

I am living in that season now. That season of senior portraits..(checked off...taken by wonderful me! never mind my beautiful daughter...how did I produce her???)

SAT's ACT's and touring of colleges, looking for the right fit.

I have seen some campuses that would almost make me want to go back in time. I have seen THE CAMPUS that I think is the perfect match for Rach.

But just like in Cinderella, I do not get to choose which slipper will fit my girl. Only her feet will know when it is the right shoe. This is her fairy tale, not mine. I am just the pudgy fairy god mother, waving my wand, fumbling the magic....and willing with all my might, that she finds HER OWN happily ever after.

Bippity, boppity BOO!
posted by wendy at 10:43 PM


Like mother, like daughter, there, Wendy; you guys have got some good genes happenin' (and I don't wish to exclude the male half of the equation either), lol.

I had to laugh at your fairy godmother analogy; is there an equivalent for us Dads of the world? :-)

Loved the sense of humour in this post, and good luck to you both.

8/10/07, 11:46 PM  

She's so lovely! If you ever need help in negotiating all the hoops you'll jump through for college, just give a shout!

8/11/07, 7:14 AM  

I agree with Scotty. We know where your daughter gets her looks from.

8/12/07, 12:15 AM  

She is really very beautiful, and yes, we all know where it comes from.


8/15/07, 9:38 PM  

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