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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thanks to your first Commentor day....

Neil's up to his usual odd diversionary tactics over at Citizen...but hey I'm odd...so here goes.... My very first commentor is a very prestigious one!!!To boot, he still visits from time to time!! Jim, as in James Brock, was my very first commentor. He is a celeb, big time, to the Poetry Thursday crowd. He left his kind comment about an untitled poem I wrote, true to form, that day, without much thought. The gates to the poetry had already been flung open by my muse, but Jim came in next, and he coaxed me to keep going.

To be honest, I was scared to get my first person reading here. I had linked to poetry thursday, so I won't be coy enough to suggest that I was surprised. I had sent out invitations. I just really didn't think any one would show up. When Jim did, I was a bit uncomfortable. Weren't their crazy people lurking on the net???...The answer, is, why yes, there are crazy people who write on blogs, and boring people, and hateful people...but then, then there are the gems. The people who live in the little blogs I visit. The people I have been privileged to get to know. These blogs have become my friends.

Looking back at that first poem, and the comments, I think I still write with all of these folks, from time to time. That makes me happy.

To Jim, I say thank you for being a great poet, and a great first commentor. Happy Thanksgiving to all....and to all a good night..

Wait...I think I've got my holidays are mixed up...ah well...
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Thank you so much for this appreciation. I decided to look back at your poems, and I realize that my brief first comment was very much on track: you write such crystalline poems, with those short, sure lines, phrasings--I can hear your voice.

And I am deeply thankful for the Poetry Thursday crowd. It's easy for poets, regardless of their publications list, to get bogged down, hemmed in. For me, PT has been about celebrating what the craft does to us, as both readers and poets. So I'm very happy to have crossed your blog in the process--my world, my real world, is larger and more generous spirited because of that.

11/23/06, 8:28 AM  

So glad to see your picture is back up!

11/24/06, 6:02 PM  

And your spirits!

11/25/06, 8:47 PM  

What a wonderful post. And I don't know Jim but he is very generous with his time and comments.

I haven't been by in a while so I need to catch up on your last few posts. Hope you had a nice holiday.

11/25/06, 9:11 PM  

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