...quiet, about a lot of things...

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Dancing around in my head..for Poetry Thursday...

Right now I feel like I'm playing hookey from this novel challenge thingie.. But poetry is my heart. I have many thoughts constantly doing the hokey pokey in my cranium. I've never done yoga or chanting because The "quiet your thoughts part" is the death of me. So since I love parody...I think I'll make the title of this poem something very firmiliar.

quiet,about a lot of things

the class said tic.
she thought toc
but no one heard
the poem she made
inside her head.

the man said yes.
she thought no
maybe he did not hear
the protest she made
between her legs.

the child said nothing
she thought yes (finally)
no one will heard
when words break free
inside my mouth.

wlf 9:27

See ya all next Week at Poetry Thursday


posted by wendy at 9:08 AM


Hi Wendy,

Very nice and quiet and thoughtful. I have a parody posted myself.

Thanks for taking time out from the novel challange. It was worth it.

11/2/06, 11:58 AM  

Ha! Yes, very playful, and then the deeper tides beneath.

11/2/06, 12:33 PM  

Very interesting, and I agree with Jim about those "deeper tides."

11/2/06, 3:00 PM  

Wendy, are you doing NaNo? Can I add you to my buddy page?

11/2/06, 6:09 PM  

Most days I zig when I should zag.

Nice poem! Good luck with NaNoWriMo.

11/2/06, 6:41 PM  

i think
this will stick inside my head...
the first five lines.


11/3/06, 7:41 AM  

I love your contradictions - often what is calm above is actually turbulent below.

I love the final two lines, breaking free, yet not.

11/3/06, 1:32 PM  

It's already Saturday. I keep waiting for the whining. Where's the whining???

11/4/06, 11:07 AM  

I like this portrayal of the tension between the "she" and her world.

11/4/06, 2:00 PM  

Very profound poem - excellent work.

11/6/06, 11:01 AM  

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