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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Ode to Poetry Thursday...OR painkillers? what painkillers?

Ode to a broken girl

what happens
takes over?

pain comes.
instead of
crying tears
(for sissy's)

you get
on the

and cowboy
up, cowgirl!

wlf 11:20am

Ride on over to Poetry Thursday...for the real deal!


posted by wendy at 11:13 AM


I hear ya! Get back in the saddle and go again, stronger, and smarter!

10/26/06, 11:42 AM  

WHAT has HAPPENED to you?????

10/26/06, 1:09 PM  


10/26/06, 1:10 PM  

"cowboy up, cowgirl" - love it!

10/26/06, 2:29 PM  

Love the attitude and the succinct poem! Also, the new picture is fantastic.

10/26/06, 5:38 PM  

You go cowgirl! Short but smart.

10/26/06, 5:43 PM  

ouch!! and you are right..get right back on..m

10/26/06, 6:08 PM  

Thanks to all that have stopped by to read this little incoherent poem...inspired by a bit of percacet..Not to worry..I'll be right back on that horse..tomorrow!

10/26/06, 8:29 PM  

i don't know...after what i saw yesterday...i'm a little hesitant...

10/27/06, 12:52 PM  

What the hell IS that in the post below this one? Looks like a hunk of rotten hamburger...

10/27/06, 3:52 PM  

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