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Saturday, October 14, 2006

This is Now

Photoshop is cool.....just a fun toy to play with. So this is me now today. One thing about self portraits...They are hard! No wonder I didn't do many back in school. I went for moody here ...rather than "cute".... I thought this one showed how I'm Feeling too.. After this, perhaps a photo moratorium is in order...(Must say though, I do enjoy the photos of all of you...Not a clunker in the bunch..pretty good for a bunch of blog geeks) Thanks for all the good B-day wishes! You are a great tribe!

posted by wendy at 9:46 PM


Cool pic! I'm intrigued by the view out the window...is that beach I see?

10/15/06, 5:50 AM  

Very cool! you captured moody with a touch of pouty :)

10/15/06, 4:30 PM  

This is just too cute for words! You actually remind me of a writer / artist /musician friend of mine here in NZ. She's very gifted - as are you! Must be the looks!

10/15/06, 7:20 PM  

Love it!

10/16/06, 10:40 AM  

No, keep the photos coming. It is always great to SEE as well as READ.

10/16/06, 12:40 PM  

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