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Friday, October 13, 2006

That was then....

In honor of my 42 b-day....here is then. Then being aprox 11-12 years ago. There aren't many portraits...let alone self portaits...of me laying around. This one in fact, is just a frame off a proofsheet..(remember those?) I don't even know where the negs are. it was an assigment..for advanced b/w.

It made me remeber how gloious film is...Tri X pan...they dont even make it any more.
It's out of date, I suppose. Happy Birthday to me.....
posted by wendy at 8:11 AM


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! You are a beautiful gal :) I'm a Libra too!

10/13/06, 9:00 AM  

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my friend - I actually thought of you yesterday on the 13th as I dated a child's painting and sent you a silent Happy Birthday greeting. (Awww, aint that sweet?)

10/13/06, 11:39 AM  

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! WENDY!!!Are you going to Have a BIRTHDAY horsey ride?!! It's a beautiful day here in West Virginia but it's getting mighty Brrrrrrrr!!! Have a piece of cake for me too! xo

10/13/06, 12:18 PM  

Lucky that I'm late in reading the PT entries this week! Happy Birthday Wendy - I've really enjoyed getting to read your work and thank you profusely for all of your kind words and encouragement since I've started participating in PT and SS. I hope that you have a wonderful birthday.

10/13/06, 1:43 PM  

Happy Birthday!!!

I miss the smell of real film prints.

10/13/06, 2:33 PM  

Happy birthday! May this be your best year yet...

10/13/06, 3:08 PM  

Happy Birthday Wendy, hope you have a great day..great pic also..M

10/13/06, 3:17 PM  

Happy happy!

10/13/06, 8:36 PM  

Tri X pan. Lord, you unleashed a swarm of memories with that. I worked briefly as a news photographer in the early 80s. We got the Tri X on enormous rolls and one of my jobs was to hand roll it onto spools and snap them into cannisters for the news room. I still remember the challenge of learning to roll film into the cannisters and after the film had been shot, pop the cannisters open in the dark and perfectly roll the film onto development reels.

Happy Birthday.

10/16/06, 4:24 AM  

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