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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Stranger than Fiction

Sadly, it seems that I write the same sentences over and over.

Guess what. Lock down at my school again. This is K-3 people. The oldest kids in the building are 8-9 years old. BABIES. We hide them behind lock doors. We pull the blinds.

Each time there is a threat, the school secretary will come over the loud speaker and say.. "Attention Teachers, Please check your e-mail, now."

This time it was a custody battle, a 6'4 Dad threatening anyone who stood in his way. Police. No child let out of the building. Period. Teachers.. Sure that's fine. Like I am going to be able to do anything about a 6'4 angry male. They never did say if he was armed. I don't want to know. I'd like to think that its just coincidence. But its more than that. The kid was in one of my classes. The child didn't even know that (he/she)) was involved. But I wonder what will happen this evening. What does nighttime bring for that kid.

Nighttime brought my two daughters waging their war against each other. And a plane crashing into steel building in NYC.

Same friggin sentences...over and over....It's all so much more tragic..and so much stranger than fiction.
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Truth, or I guess in this case, reality is oftentimes much stranger than fiction. Why do kids have to be dragged into custody battles? Why do people have to fight over money and possessions when they get divorced? And did you hear about the "Runaway Bride" who is demanding "alimony" (because I'm calling it that) from her ex-fiance? Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for all of us.

10/11/06, 8:49 PM  

This is a poem about to happen. I've been reading this guy David Shumate and it reminds me of his prose poetry. The way that the beginning and ending echo one another just as the schoolhouse terror and the plane crashing into the building tragedy echo other events, well, that's just beautiful what you've done.

It's a poem that's hiding in there. Trust me.

10/12/06, 9:07 PM  

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