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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Credit is due

Yesterdays late night entry came from Neil at Citizen of the Month. In comments to him, I accused him of adding some content of a sexual nature...He loaded the original..along with some other more homoginized versions.I stand corrected. I promised to add some more questions...with my slant.

The above meme has a slightly good girl/bad girl ring to it...so I'll try to think of some that are less black and white..

Have you ever:

(x)Read your kids or Partners emails or diary.
(x)Given back incorrect change.
( )Not held an elevator door
(x)Yelled at you dog/cat for something not there fault.
(x)Apologized afterwards.
( )Sent somthing back to the kitchen
(x)Just thrown away dirty clothes.
(x)Talked your way out of a ticket
(x)Cried, for effect
(x)Done any random act of kindness
(x)Cursed God.
(x)Met someone on the freeway
(x)Met someone on an airplane
( )Spit out sour milk
(x)Dreamed of running away.
( )Run away.
( )Hit someone in the face with a closed fist.
( )Been hit with a closed fist
(x)Been stalked
( )Been the stalker
(x)Helped Birth something
(x)Killed something
(x)Admitted you needed to change.
( )Changed
(x)Grew something from seed
( )Forgave a Big disgression
(x)Feared for your life.
( )Withheld judgement
( )Gotten so lost you cried
(x)Played thru the pain
(x)stayed thru the pain
(x)Felt Special.
(x)Felt small.
(x)told the truth, and no body believed you.
( )Let a good thing get away.
(x)Froze with fear
( )Made your own jam
( )Gutted your own dinner
(x)Repayed a loan, when you didn't have too.
(x)Taken advantage..
(x)Been taken advantage of.
(x)Cracked yourself up..no one else there.
(x)Told the whole truth when it made you look ridicoulous
(x)spilled a drink on someone
( )been a waitor/waitress
(x)Gotten stuck on or in something
(x)had to be rescued
( )Had to be restrained
( )Bought somthing to show the world YOU'VE MADE IT!
(x)fixed someone up.
( )Worked for a campaign
( )Ran for office
( )Went to the dance with one, left with another.

Ok.. Thats it for now...You post on you blog...I'll read!
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I've enjoyed learning more about you. As usual, your blogs are fabulous! Thanks for a brief and more intimate look into your life. You definitely have lived a much fuller (and honest!) life than I!

10/10/06, 7:21 PM  

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