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Monday, October 23, 2006

Your turn

Now you know the details of my most unlikely thing. What I want now..is to hear from everyone else.

Everybody has secrets. Everyone has dreams. I'm wondering if everyone has a drop jaw..NO WAY??...WAY!!Moment in there lives. Thing is...I have several. The one I wrote about and offered up...was probably the most dramatic.. But there are more in my life. It got me thinking..has my lack of definition in my life..strict boundaries..left me more likely to be surprised by life.

Maybe. My definition of "unlikely" is this. Something so totally bizarre or unexpected, that you have never wished for it..or feared it. You never entertained the possibility of it..never courted its grandeur or hid from its despair. It's the plot twist you never saw coming.

I was watching a DVD on how to work my new toy NIKON...(I know...geeky mc geek)and this topic struck me. They were talking about depth of field. The way the human eye perceives..and mimicking it with the camera.

Using the example of three objects on a table, the dvd demonstrated how focus can change..and add to perception. Hence the little unlikely twists I'm asking you to share. Change your focus. Don't think to much about it. Just think...what in my life didn't I see coming?

For examples sake I'll jot down two more of mine..of a lighter mood..
By the way..all true..I promise.

1. Lost my wallet in a NYC cab in the late 80's, came back home to LA..and HAD IT RETURNED TO ME!!! WITH THE WHOLE $20. still in it...VERRRY UNLIKELY.

2. Met my husband on the freeway...Shhhh.it's a family secret...

3. well....I'm waiting..shock me! Thrill me..make me giggle.......
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My crazy moments happened when I was a news reporter in my early 20s.

Being sent by my editor into a rodeo arena at maximum security prison. It was teeming with male inmates, all calling me "baby" and asking me to take their picture. This surly crew was supervised by handful of seriously fat and out of shape guards. Can you say "gang bang," "rape bait," and "I want a freakin raise!"?

Second: Being called by the prison warden during a hostage situation, arriving at the prison, and having the warden ask me if I'd be willing to "interview" the inmate who had been holiding a woman nurse hostage in the infirmary for 24 hours. The warden and prison psychologist wanted to send me to the door of the infirmary to hear his story and negotiate for her release. What amazes me: I never thought of saying "no." And yeah, I did it.

10/24/06, 2:08 AM  

this is a very broad answer but i'd have to say my life right now...i never dreamed i'd be an un-wed mother, living with a man i wasn't married to, discovering my own spirituality outside of a church, writing poems on a blog...none of this...because of my very conservative, very religous upbrining i never thought my life would turn out the way it has...and god i'm so glad that it has turned out this way because in my 'former' life i wasn't breathing...

10/24/06, 12:31 PM  


10/24/06, 3:27 PM  

Ten years ago I met my daughter who was adopted out, and we have formed a close relationship. I was a grandmother at 45.

I am still friends with my first friend at school; I met her when we were five years old, and my first high school friend - I met her when we were 13, and my first teacher's College friend; I met her when we were 17 ... and I still have a penfriend who I have been writing to since I was 11 years old. (We've visited each other now three times in 42 years.)

Remarkable things are happening to me all the time - I just forget about most of them.

10/25/06, 4:13 AM  

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