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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

It's a hot flash...no wait....

...that's my lap top....warming my thighs in bed. Since going wireless, I write in bed. im not sure thats always a good thing..But this morning it is. It's cold this morning. Supposed to snow to night. Only sticking on the grassy areas. Reminds me of that Annie Lebovitz photo of Lauren Hutton..all naked, and covered in muddy earth, cept for "greenery" on her "grassy bits". Very cool photo. Which reminds me I want that new book..a Photographers life..on Annie. Which also reminds me to tell you that my husband got me the Really TRICKED out Nikon d70s digital camera body for my b-day!!!So sweet! Now I just have to figure in out. I think I am going t have to take a class...and also a class on Adobe photoshop. I think there are far more ways to bang that drum...than I, with my monkey fists,have yet to figure out.

Which also reminds me to share how I spent my bithday. My fam all had other plans. Younger Maggie...had a date with the GRUDGE II...and her boyfriend..whose b-day is the same as mine. Friday the 13th. What a cowinky. (just dawned on me..he turned 13 on Friday the 13th...eeeerrrrie) Anyway, the whole group went to scream and frollic in the dark theatre on opening night. Older Rach and Michael went to Rach's homecoming game. I would rather poke my eyes out with sharp sticks..than go to this game..So I was on my own.

Full disclosure. I pouted a little. My husband offered to stay home. The look I gave him confirmed I would rather he didn't. The truth is..I was a little hurt that they all had Previous plans... but I DID NOT want a sympathy b-day stay home party. I just wanted to be a preemptive obligation.. Like "I can't its my Moms/Wife's B-day". Truth be told I try not to be into obligation that much...so I should be glad they all feel ok..with missing just a night....a b-day is just another day and night. The world does not stop turning.

So, there I was at home alone...feeling fully 8, in a birthday funk. So what did I do? I had 3 pcs of leftover pizza...watched "Being Julia" w/ Annette Benning, a true favorite. Ate a bowl of Chocolate cherry icecream ( a pleasant mistake bought by my husband) and took a lunesta and went to bed by 9:30. Guess what? It was a perfect birthday. I loved it. My family was off having their version of fun..and I was free to have mine. I am a blessed woman.....and all the b-day biz is gone! YAY! until...
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I'm sorry I missed your birthday. Sounds like it turned out well despite not being pre-empted. So, happy belated birthday and maybe next year I'll happen on your blog on your birthday instead of days after!

10/17/06, 4:09 PM  

Quiet time is THE BEST. I've always chosen to spend New Year's Eve, for example, completely alone, reflecting on the past year. Way better than spending it with a buncha drunks!

10/17/06, 6:37 PM  

Happy belated birthday!

I just saw Annie Lebovitz speak tonight. She was amazing. And her new book looks amazing too! Good luck with your photos. A nice digi camera is something I have been coveting for a while...

10/17/06, 7:32 PM  

YEAAA for you! My husband bought me a digital camera for my birthday, too. I love it! I still don't know all the stuff about downloading the pictures into the computer etc, but my smart son helps me.... glad your birthday worked out well.

10/17/06, 8:46 PM  

Glad the mood turned around.

And I LOVE "Being Julia." One of my all time favs.

10/18/06, 4:52 AM  

you and i had similar birthday
blues this year it seems...
but i'm glad that yours
turned out all right in the end
happy belated!

10/20/06, 6:44 AM  

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