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Friday, July 11, 2008

More of a Guys Girl

This next week, I'm leaving for an orientation at CAL with Rach...and then I'm attending BLOGHER..a conference of woman bloggers.

At this moment...I am beginning to question my decision. Truth be told, I was planning to hang out with Neil...who is a chic magnet in his own right...but to me, he is just a charming man, who said he would be my "date".

And now..He's not going. And I am going to be without an anchor...Did I mention Neils like UBER tall..while I am 5 foot???....Great for cutting thru crowds.
Plus, Neil was going to be kinda MY wingman.

But this turn of events brings up something about me. The truth is that I am way more comfortable being with men, than being women.Now, I do have girl friends..quite a few that bless my days. But in general,given the choice between in a room full of women..or a room full of men..I'd pick men every time.

This is not because I am a slut.. It's because I am shy. Women in large groups are very hard to get to know. There's a whole scoping out thing that goes on there...and small talk. yuck. I know how men feel. Women can be very unapproachable.

I find men easier to talk to...

How bout you? Are you a girl's girl..or a guy's girl....or a girl's guy..or a guy's guy?

All I can say now is.... I hope they have a bar.
I already need a drink.
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What I have learned recently: a walker is also great for cutting thru crowds (as I imagine a wheel chair would be). They see you coming and the crowd parts like the Red Sea; and people are so NICE to you in airports--sometimes they even let you go first. But I digress. I would most certainly be more comfortable in a room full of WOMEN! Something about all that estrogen is so, um, EMPOWERING.

7/11/08, 8:57 PM  

Also, I have had a LOT of experience being in the company of women.

7/11/08, 8:58 PM  

I veer towards the 'men corner'. Like you, I find women sometimes a little too judgemental and small talk bores me silly.

7/13/08, 5:40 AM  

I'm equally comfortable with both. I have very close friends of both sexes.

The thing about BlogHer that's intimidating is that it seems everyone that goes there goes there with their own posse of popular friends. I'd hate that.

I did the trade show/conference circuit years ago when I worked in publishing. Whole different world.

7/14/08, 8:23 AM  

Meri said...

I think hitting the bar first would be the best thing. That's what Id do. Next thing you know another smart lady, feeling just as uncomfortable in that crowd, will show up and you could be having a new friend for the evening.
I hate mingling.

7/16/08, 12:06 AM  

Oh please come find me! I am a total guys' girl who still is not sure how she got roped into attending BlogHer.

Seriously, Hilly....snackiepoo. I'll be with Karl!

7/16/08, 4:41 PM  

I'm a girl's guy, for sure. Much more comfortable with the women. See you this weekend!

7/17/08, 6:27 AM  

email me and tell me about your experience...

7/19/08, 10:40 PM  

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