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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Id Love to Change the wolrd (peace for everyone)

posted by wendy at 9:32 AM


As a child, I was very impressed by Robert Kennedy and upset when he was killed. I kept newspaper articles about him and all his books for years (still have some of the books). What a guy! Too bad there aren't many like him willing to get involved in the cut-throat world of politics.

11/5/07, 7:12 AM  

P.S. Forgot to say that video is made powerful by the fact that all those images are real life. Yes, peace! We need it desperately. xo

11/5/07, 7:17 AM  

But but but - we're bringing peace to the Iraqi people right now! Can't you tell?!

11/5/07, 8:50 AM  


11/6/07, 1:23 PM  

"wolrd" brilliant

11/8/07, 1:11 PM  

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