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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Day Three...

As I Am

As I am in some
constant thrust,

deep throbbing rush
forward, bent in a

prayer to become;
in progress toward

perfection; What will happen?
When? I open my eyes.

With my first stale breath,
realize it in the dawning.

Today is that day. We must
turn the clocks back.

What hell could live in
this hour I must repeat?

wlf 11:15am
posted by wendy at 11:04 AM


I love that last line!

11/3/07, 4:46 PM  


Here's to 'morrow.

11/3/07, 9:08 PM  

"bent in a prayer to become."

yeah, I get that....

11/4/07, 6:36 AM  

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