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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A World Gone Crazy

Schools been back in session, now, for about 2 weeks. We are past the bubbly excitement of the first week. Now we are starting the grind of early days and tired girls. Rachel and Maggie go to different high schools, but both start class at 7:25. Butts in chairs by 7:25!! Do the administrators not read the studies on adolescent productivity?? I am BARELY functional, at this hour..teens are sub human creatures at 7:00 am.

Soccer and student council meetings have taken over our schedules. Both of my kids put in 13 hour days easily, and that's before homework. It's crazy really. It's not even Labor Day yet.

On that subject of plain insane..I was watching Dr 90210..(ok a guilty pleasure, a brief escape)..I was dumbfounded to see that one of the "hottest" plastic surgeries is..um...having "lip" work done...but not the lips on your face...Your private intimate lips..

WHAT IS GOING ON? Are all women being told to shun everything about their natural states and nip and tuck everything? Have we become a p@rn society, where little girls will grow up to dream of implants, flat tummies, and perfectly trimmed and manicured "flowers"?

Does any man really worry about this? Or is this just another case of women scrutinizing each other and desperately clawing for the next rung of beauty status...

I am not against doing what makes you feel good. How I look is a concern with me. But if I ever find myself obsessing over my crotch....and the anatomy of my "lips"...well then clearly, I have lost MY MIND!!!
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Sometimes I think we have gone mad. As in totally crazy. (We --not me, btw, elected Dubya TWICE). But, from the content of the TV shows and movies we match, the ads in magaines and TV commercials, our absolute OBSESSION with sex-- I can understand how the Muslim world thinks we are the Great Satan.

PS I think most of our elected (and presidentially appointed) officials are the pits! No wonder the rest of the world hates us. We suck!

8/28/07, 9:34 AM  

match = watch

i am only a little bit dyslexic.

8/28/07, 9:36 AM  

When women started letting strangers coat their privates with HOT wax and RIP THE HAIR OUT BY THE ROOTS, I knew we had reached new levels of stupidity.

Why should I be surprised that these same pea-brains are now obsessed with the appearance of their denuded genitals?

Good grief. Ladies--JUST SAY NO to these "home improvements."

8/28/07, 9:41 AM  

Does any man really worry about this? Nope, not in the slightest, Wendy, not this guy at least. Wow, I really don't get it at times, this need for women to alter everything to meet some ridiculous definition of what looks good. I agree with you, Wendy, that it's okay to take general care of one's appearance but when you start taking a knife to, or injecting stuff into, various body parts, one has to wonder.

The loveliest and sexiest woman I have ever known is 40-ish and au naturale, no body work done at all (well, apart from a little selective hair trimming 'down there', that is) - she looked damned good, all over.

Not all men want women who are plastic clones of each other so leave it alone, girls; for all your differences, you look great just as you are.

8/28/07, 6:44 PM  

thanks for stopping by and viewing my blog, Glad you enjoyed the photos. Hope to have some more in the near future, Still working on this blogging.:-)

8/29/07, 9:00 AM  

I wonder where it will all end - but then, we don't have to follow the crowd do we? There will always be the ones who don't - thank God! Vive la difference, I say.

8/30/07, 2:41 AM  

I think that school days are too long and start way too early!
I have caught that show and boy- disbelief is what I feel.

8/30/07, 3:29 AM  

Vanity is thy name. There are many things that seem very strange.

8/30/07, 10:35 AM  

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