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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

"Oh...But Look What I've Got..."

..line from The Way We Were. Hubble tells Katie.. she asks too much. That is her response. This and when she brushes back the hair from his eyes are my favorite memories of that movie.

The lyrics to the much overused and cliche' song Memories..(still I LOOOOVE it..and cry every third time I hear it)are really quite poignant. My favorite line is:

"Could it be that it was all so Simple then,
or has Time rewritten every line"

I think this about my children..my lovers, my past. How time rewrites every line. Photo shops every thing in a nice "diffused glow". That or takes an extreme close up for the gory detail. Neither of which are reality.

But that reality is gone. Memory is all that remains.

.....So enough of the Streisand moment..the DRAMA with a capitol D. I sometimes have to force myself to acknowledge the comedy memory can bring. Like this one I had made for me, custom, over the weekend.

Michael left for Alaska early Sunday morning. Maggie and a friend, downstairs asleep on my couches. Rachel, asleep in her bedroom. Me working, in my bed. Michael in the sky, where he seems to belong.

Sometime mid morning, Maggie enters, looking charming, sleepy and grumpy all at the same time. I am expecting a "Good Morning."

Instead I get a Safeway receipt thrust in my face.

"You better tell dad..he should be more careful where he Leaves these.."Friend" found THIS on the island last night!"

Taking the receipt, and giving her my best 'You must be on crack' look... I ask her what on earth is the problem with Dad leaving a grocery receipt in the kitchen?

"Oh, I don't know??...maybe the VERY FIRST item?"

I now, LOOK at the receipt..


I break out into hysterical laughter. Maggie is clearly not amused.

"Friend..SAW THAT MOM...How Disgusting! What the heck does Dad need those for anyway?"

I responded in a deadpan voice. "Water balloons...What the hell do you think, Maggie? So we don't....Oh, I don't know??..have Like a million kids!!!"

The look on her face was a memory in the making.

Wander over to Writers Island..to see more of the sketchy details we call memory...

Oh.. the poem.. an American Sentence.. I suppose..Give me a moment:

With all the sex on TV, you'd think she'd excuse her parent's; BUT NO!
posted by wendy at 8:50 AM


I'm certain my parents didn't have sex. Did they?

11/6/07, 9:35 AM  

ha ha :)
I am sure I know what she went through..

11/6/07, 10:01 AM  

LOL! This is sooooo funny! Maybe you've been too Quiet, about a lot of things....

11/6/07, 10:26 AM  

LMAO way too funny kids are great!!!

11/6/07, 11:22 AM  

How funny! Makes me realize it is a whole other set of little dramas once the toddlers and the elementary kiddies hit the teen years! Right now, neither on ecould even read condom!

11/6/07, 12:21 PM  

That truly is priceless!
It doesn't change with the years either.
My 30 year old daughter-in-law says to her husband, "your parents didn't really have sex in the spare room did they?"

11/6/07, 12:33 PM  

this is so hillarious!!! oh my god i'm dying...

11/6/07, 1:21 PM  

Too funny and, yes, it's unforgettable!

11/6/07, 1:34 PM  

Parents having sex is an urban legend right up there with alligators in the sewers and UFOs out West. Never seen it, never heard it, never want to think about it. :)

11/6/07, 2:10 PM  

Oh, that's precious.

Hopefully this will give the girls something to think about when they are faced with some big decisions!

11/6/07, 3:08 PM  

If it's not sheer incredulity that the parents are having sex, it's the "oooh, gross" look that passes over their faces like a cloud shadow, right?

Geez, kids, I'm just old(er), not DEAD.


11/6/07, 3:21 PM  

ROFL! Priceless indeed. When we want to get rid of the kids all we have to do is say, "Hmmm, are you in the mood for some extra activities?" That's been our code word for 'sex' forever and the kids have finally figured it out. Now we use it to mortify them. After all, isn't that our right as parents? No...it's our DUTY! ;)

PS - great, I burned my darn popcorn reading your blog. * stomps off *

PPS - My word verification to post this comment is 'bwoggy' - why does that make me giggle so?

11/6/07, 5:11 PM  

Even at 47 I still don't want to think that my parents have ... no, no, can't even think it. How they got six kids is something I'll never figure out. LOL

11/6/07, 5:27 PM  

Haaaaaaaaaaa That's fabulous;y unforgettable ;~) your secret's out, Thank YOU for telling!

11/6/07, 7:03 PM  

Safe sex--it's not just for teens!

At least Maggie didn't ask to borrow one.

"You mean I don't have to get these from the free clinic in town? Cool!"

Nothing worse for reaching for one in the heat of the moment and finding the box empty. And then, well, your box is empty.

I'm a bad, bad woman, Wendy. You shouldn't hang out with me. : )

11/6/07, 11:54 PM  

I think the repulsion is kind of elemental, primal - a denial of where we come from? We prefer to think we appeared from some pristine cloud, and what's more, we mysteriously arrived complete with halo and wings. Too funny!

11/7/07, 3:53 AM  

It must be really tough for those of you out there who weren't born through immaculate conception like my siblings and I! :-p

11/7/07, 5:16 AM  

Walked in my parents...twice! ROFL
I'm still convinced it was just a mirage...never happened...
Good take on the prompt, really enjoyed the smile it put on my face!

11/9/07, 7:57 AM  

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