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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Different Versions...Same Theme for Poetry Thursday

the meeting

I can feel my soul grip like a tight little fist.

Wafer images float through my mind, wine stained words hanging loosely from their heels.

I don't want to open the window.
I don't want to let the light in.
Life is too noisy and I have a headache.
My own breathing is too loud.

As if on cue, He enters on delusion, riding it as a regal elephant. He settles His hand between enormous ears and guides by suggestion, careful to hide the barbed black crop held in His left hand.

but i see it and i know who it's meant for.
i have the thinner skin.

something has moved. now it lives in my throat. a leaping frog beating at the snug jar lid, breathlessly aiming at pin prick air.

the elephant settles gracefully to it's knees, then offers it's heart. He descends.

"you should have opened that window." His back is turned. He is close enough to whisper. "They say; get while the gettings good".

the frog inside me stills. the fist falls open,then closes tighter.

one more time. "just one more time" i am thinking,
as i hit the glass running.

wlf 8:43

The common theme....open a window.

Now on to Poetry Thursday!
posted by wendy at 8:05 AM


So many emotions in this poem that I do not know where to start. I have have to ask though, where did this come from?

Who is he?

I like the frog as the heart.



8/30/07, 10:13 AM  

I think this is something amazing, I have felt the same very thing so many times, ...

8/30/07, 10:22 AM  

This is wonderful, especially the elephant and the frog

8/30/07, 10:37 AM  

Scary...that was my initial reaction.
I suppose that was your intention.

The elephant and frog analogy works great here.

8/30/07, 10:40 AM  

I found myself holding my breath as I read. Leaves me wanting to know more... sign of a story well told. :) Beautiful.

8/30/07, 12:36 PM  

'breathlessly at pin prick air' - an imageful phrase
the poem brings so many feelings - it's wonderful

8/30/07, 1:36 PM  

Wonderfully done Wendy! Loved the elephant and the frog. :)

8/30/07, 4:11 PM  

WOW. This is really different-- great images and words. Like Rose, I wonder where this came from? Nice work!

8/30/07, 7:45 PM  

Holy shit.

I can hear the glass shattering.

8/30/07, 8:13 PM  

That glass shattering is the BEST sound! Such a lot in this ... It will take me some time to unravel it all - but I am enjoying the journey and what you are showing me. :)

9/2/07, 2:51 AM  

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