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Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Two 20ish glamazons sit in front of me on a small regional flight from Portland to Seattle. They are in a heated discussion over a possible promotion. Over heard:

Girl 1 "I am sooo much better in person. I mean if they SAW me..I would soooo have that job. The phone interview just blows."

Girl 2 "Well, then get your ass on a plane!"

Girl 1 "But we are talking two hundred dollars!"

Girl 2 "I can spend that in, like, three days."

The flight attendant asks them if they are heading back to school. In disgust Girl 1 answers...

"We are make up artists."

Oh, says the flight attendant..."Do you work in a salon?"

(gasp) "NO! We are Lancome reps...."
(eye roll)

I gaze out the window, feeling old but wise.

I watch them teeter off in high heels,reminding me a bit of dress up.

I stay well behind...in case one of them takes a bad step.
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I love that term - glamazons - hehehe.

Like, you know, soooooo much, lol.


9/5/07, 1:35 AM  

Ha! Dress up is exactly right!

9/5/07, 6:30 AM  

That wasn't me you saw. No way! Like totally!



9/6/07, 6:53 AM  

Oh my! But I can spend $200 in like, two minutes. :)

9/9/07, 5:16 PM  

hehe. This is so funny!

9/10/07, 9:07 PM  

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