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Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

Better Late

I'd to will it
to come.
whisper into the walls
"not yet".

There was no way
I was ready.

I'd pinkie
swear on my honor
oathed to be
a better
girl scout.

next time.
not this time.

I was not prepared
for company.

Now, I linger
at the window
my forehead
seeks glass
to balance
unseen forces.

Still I know
they are at work.

Will it be
like a knock
at the door?
Who's to bring me
an anwser to a prayer
so old, I hardly
recall forming?

(Yes,they were mine.)

No, not death;
just no more life.

On this thin pane,
my fingers
trace circles
that have no

wlf 11:01

Six pregnancy tests, two weeks apart. No pregnancy. But now what?
posted by wendy at 10:51 AM


beautiful. wow.

as i read this, i must admit to thinking about myself and wondering about one day being a mother...the way we, as readers of poetry, so often make a poem all about us.

to then read your words at the end of the post...

sending you peace today...

9/13/07, 11:52 AM  

nice, very nice.
wishing you all the best

9/13/07, 12:51 PM  

I liked the way you turned verbs at the beginning of stanzas 1 and 3. The poem speaks clearly.

9/13/07, 2:09 PM  

The image at the end took my breath away! Powerful!

9/13/07, 2:52 PM  

It will happen. Now, just relax!

What a poem!

9/13/07, 8:22 PM  

This is so beautiful and poignant - very powerful!

9/13/07, 9:05 PM  

What? All joking aside. What???

9/14/07, 1:21 PM  

I'm with Pepek ... please tell.
A beautiful poem. Sending warm thoughts. :)

9/16/07, 6:34 AM  

Now what? Now what?

At 45, I'm losing my rhythm, losing my sense that time is on my side, feeling compromised as a woman, and vacillating between thinking that menopause is nature's way of saying I'm obsolete and thinking menopause is nature's way of telling me to take my eyes off caretaking and BECOME.

I think there's a post perking in me on this subject.

9/17/07, 4:01 AM  

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