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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Gift...For writers island.

Gifts are mandatory, in my husband's family. So therefor, I rebel, and don't send them. I give "unbirthday" gifts to all my little..and not so little..nieces and nephews. They are given when I see them face to face. I usually study these kids for a day or two..if we have that luxury of time..and sneak out to get them something that would please them.

Gifts to me are authentic, and spontaneous, not obligatory. Save your obligation for something else, like taxes..or dental cleanings.

I have been known to give Christmas gifts...in August.Those who love me...are totally OK with this. Those who don't love me so much..are offended. They no doubt find me lazy and selfish in my haphazard regard for dates and protocol.

If I have "a gift" for anything..I guess I would say that it's a gift for hearing and telling the truth. Mostly secret truths. Here's an example.

I was at Walgreens, a while back, and the check out girl seemed to be having a bad day. I looked her in the eye..something I do not always do...and asked her if I could help. She gave me a surprisingly frank answer...and I shared some truth from my own life. This was a very unplanned, intimate, real moment in my life. It was an unexpected gift, one I still treasure.

As she handed me my receipt, she said "God Bless You."..and I said.."right back at ya!"

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you hit a lot of great points in such a short space. i appreciate your sentiments toward sporadic and sincere gifts, and i too love those little treasures of time when you have the chance to connect with a stranger. thanks for sharing :)

9/18/07, 10:43 AM  

Well said! Unexpected gifts are always the best ones!

9/18/07, 1:37 PM  

You are a rarity - it can be seen in most of your posts - the realness of you.

9/18/07, 2:02 PM  

Your beautiful character shines through in this post.
Yes, God bless you.

9/18/07, 7:03 PM  

'Christmas gifts in August'...I love it! That rebellious quirkiness is a gift in itself.
And thanks for the visit. The surgery went well. Now the fun part...recovery and therapy.

9/18/07, 9:18 PM  

I am terrible at getting presents for people when I am "supposed" to. I do pick up gifts for people when I see something I think they would like. Then I give it or send it to them - I never seem to be able to tuck it away until the official gift-giving time. I'm glad it isn't just me.

9/18/07, 9:59 PM  

I too am an unconventional gifter! I seldom buy my nieces any kind of jewellery or clothes. I look around, thinking of the person concerned and whenever my mind gives me positive vibes I go for it.

I too give my time to kids and older people.

Great post!

9/19/07, 5:47 AM  

You can touch someone with your heart.

9/19/07, 6:41 AM  

This is lovely. I especially love how you take the time to see what the kids might want, your ability to sense into what is needed in the moment is a gift indeed. Your family and friends are mighty lucky to have you!

9/19/07, 8:56 PM  

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