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Monday, September 17, 2007

Don't You Know That It's Different For Girls.....

Ok boys..(if there are any of you out there...time to cover your eyes..or minds..if this stuff heebes you out).

Having three females in any house is interesting. Having as 14 years old, a 17 year old and an almost 43 year old cohabiting...is down right hysterical!

You all know that women tend to cycle together. I love this phenomena! I've always found so mysterious, and so beautiful. We become fertile together,we begin again, each month, together. The ebb and flow that joins women of like minds and like genes together. We are bound into tribes.

Even as my daughters and I fight and separate into different individual women, we are of this same clan. Women bound not only by titles, of mother, daughter, sibling. We are of the same beginnings, like sister stamens reaching to tickle bees legs. We are life.

I've been the leader of this little song and dance for about 6 years now. Without knowing, my daughters have followed my lead, first Rach, then Mags. Now it seems, I follow theirs. I believe this just started, this month.

What does this mean. They are now the future, while I am still in the game, I suppose, I am going to be the one in the back now, trying hard to keep up.

V-grrrl left a comment for me (in response to this post)

Now what? Now what?

At 45, I'm losing my rhythm, losing my sense that time is on my side, feeling compromised as a woman, and vacillating between thinking that menopause is nature's way of saying I'm obsolete and thinking menopause is nature's way of telling me to take my eyes off care taking and BECOME.

I think there's a post perking in me on this subject.

I really appreciated this comment. She is definitely on the bus!

As I mentioned....I have been taking pregnancy tests. Feeling that confusion...and then, a sort of dread..when the results were negative.

This past weekend, it began. I came home from a wedding in Texas...walked into my house..scared silly,I was missing the beat..but, within 12 hours,I picked up on the rhythm my daughters now control.

I have stopped my days as lead singer...and now hum a soulful harmony in the back round. It happened in the space of a quarter note between the chorus and the last refrain.
posted by wendy at 9:52 AM


You're singing harmony and I'm heading to the BACK of the bus. Life's a wild ride. Glad you're my roadie.

9/17/07, 11:59 AM  

I hold onto the hope that when this transition is done I can call myself a wise-woman. Until then it's a strange journey.

9/17/07, 9:57 PM  

Beautifully put! So wondrous those rhythms.
Aren't we females lucky - no day / stage the same. ;) Take that as a sarky* comment - or take it as one from an older but-not-necessarily-wiser

* kiwi for sarcastic

9/19/07, 12:14 AM  

Wendy, this has to one of the most beautiful and soulful posts I've ever read.

9/19/07, 6:39 AM  

The musical metaphor in the last paragraph was awesome. "It happened in the space of a quarter note between the chorus and the last refrain."

BTW: Thanks for visiting my blog re the post on child soldiers. Though I live in California, my son and daughter-in-law lived in Littleton at the time of the shooting. Their home adjoined the cemetery where many of the children are buried. That brings it close to home.

I can't imagine what it must have been like for you to teach in that area during that time. I hope the book is helpful.

9/24/07, 2:04 PM  

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